Quik•Cull™ Sport Fishing Competition Culling System Single 6 Piece Set 6 Colors

  • $21.99

Quik•Cull™ Conservation Minded Sport Fishing Culling System. This is the the product that started the low impact conservation movement in competitive sport fishing culling systems! You are about to make a permanent change for the better in your culling procedure that will have a powerful impact on the future of competitive sport fishing! Quik-Cull™ is quick and secure on and quick off. All plastic construction is rust proof, quick to use, and will not harm the fish. Quik-Cull™ securely clamps to the lower jaw for quickly pulling the fish to the surface of the live well. Simply the best culling system ever to hit the tournament trail! Includes 6 clips with attached marine grade floating rope in 6 different colors.